Peter and his father -  April 2010.

On November 20th, 2012, at the age of 91, Rev. Stefan Tymciw was called home to heaven and finally received the answer to his question in his poem he wrote, Looking At Heaven in 1962.  The question asked fifty years earlier - "When will I be there?"

This website was created on December 15th, 2010 and is dedicated to my father, Rev. Stefan Tymciw, who celebrated 50+ years of ministry in the Ukrainian Baptist Church in Germany and Canada. With limited funds, he purchased and collected every book he could buy on Ukrainian Baptists and Ukrainian history.  He also kept every conference program, publication [Christian Herald, Messenger of Truth, etc.], or historical document, for "such a time as this". He constantly reminded me, to never forget my spiritual and Ukrainian heritage, and for this reminder, I am eternally grateful. It is my prayer, that this website can play a small part in helping others some day, read and learn about their parents' and grandparents' spiritual heritage.

[Please see section on Professor Watson Kirkconnell, "the prophet of Canadian multiculturalism" and read about his work, and how he was honoured for his translations of Ukrainian poetry into the English language.] 

Behind every man in Ukrainian Baptist ministry, there usually stood a woman who was his partner and helpmate, and who was seldom recognized for the part she played in helping her husband carry out the work that he was called to do.  This website is also in memory of my mother, Magdalena Tymciw, (1927-2000). 

The year 2010 also marks the celebration of many anniversaries and special dates in my life.

  • It marked the 10th anniversary since my mother was promoted to Glory, to meet her Savior! [March 20, 1927 - January 8,2000]


  • It is my 25th anniversary [December 1985] of being led by God to fly to Winnipeg and tour Winnipeg Bible College and deciding to enroll in January 1986


  • It is the 30th anniversary of my water baptism [baptized by Rev. Wasyl Dawidiuk on May 11,1980 at the Toronto Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church]


  • It is the 40th anniversary of my decision to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour at the Russian-Ukrainian Ev. Baptist Camp in Fergus, Ontario [ August 1st, 1970]


  • It is the 45th anniversary of Dr. Kostiw's book, The 1950-1965 Almanac On The Occasion Of The 15th Anniversary Of The Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church in Toronto, Canada


  • It is the year of my 50th birthday [September 4th, 1960] and this website is my gift to God for allowing me to live this long and see this day when another one of my dreams for Him, has turned into reality.  I firmly believe that the family He places us in and the nationality and spiritual heritage that we are entrusted with, is no accident but is truly a gift and a test of how we value what we are given in life, regardless of the situation we find ourselves in.


  • It also marks the 60th anniversary of the Toronto Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church. While there are only a few original members remaining who still gather each Sunday, there is still so much to be thankful to God for.  The spiritual history of this church, the choir, the baptismal services, the couples who were married in this church [myself included], the youth,  the Sunday School, and all the dear people who have attended during the past 60 years, have provided a spiritual heritage that should never be forgotten.  

Our Ukrainian Baptist history can not be passed on or taught unless it is first recorded and then published. Peter wants to thank all of our past pioneers who wrote articles for THE CHRISTIAN HERALD and the past editors as well, and wants to especially thank Anne Melnyk, past editor of THE CHRISTIAN HERALD and the CHALLENGER [English Publication -  Western Canada Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Youth Fellowship] for her dedication and personal sacrifice in her many years of service in this important historical work.

To God Be The Glory for all of the individuals who are remembered on this website and who served in the Ukrainian Baptist work. 

© Ukrainian Baptist Heritage Centre
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