April 12, 1926 - May 20, 2021

The UBHC was saddened to hear of the recent passing of Rev. Dr. John Tkachuk.  To read more of his life story, please visit

In February 2010, while corresponding with Dr. Tkachuk who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I was pleasantly surprised when he sent me copies of two books which he had written.  The first one I knew about, THE UNIVERSAL HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY (from its beginnings to Reformation), in Ukrainian, which was published by the Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Convention of Canada in 1999, 495 pages.

The second book which he sent me, was his his autobiography,which was published by him in 2008, JOURNEY TO AMERICA, Trusting God to Survive [130 pages].  It is a story of faith and perseverance in the face of adversity during the Second World War. That afternoon when I first received his book, I couldn't put it down, as it was the first book in English which I read which detailed events in Germany during the Second World War.  It helped me better understand life in Germany during that time, and painted a picture of what so many of our Ukrainian Baptist people had to endure, especially in labor and displacement camps, and their struggle for survival during this time, and eventually, how they came to Canada and the United States.

In our correspondence after reading this book, Dr. Tkachuk wrote me and said that only a few copies of this book were published for his family.  I thanked him so much for sending me a book which I did not even know that he wrote and how it blessed my life and helped me better understand what my parents endured as well while they were in Germany from 1941-1962.

I also asked him permission for me to make this book available in ebook format or on such a website as this one, and in a letter dated July 14, 2010, he graciously said yes ["Peter, if you believe my book could be used to bring some benefit to people at large, you may use it.  Of course where longer quotations are used or reprints made, the source and the author should be mentioned"]. 

I told him that so many children, (like myself), whose parents were in Germany in labor and displacement camps, would benefit so much from reading a story like his, for it is truly a story of faith and perseverance in the face of adversity during the Second World War.

From the PROLOGUE, page 7.

"Some fifty years after my arrival in Canada, the land of freedom and opportunity, my family and I were camping at the Lilac Resort in Manitoba.  Sitting by the campfire my ten year old grandson asked me some pertinent questions: "Tell me, Didi (grandpa), what was your life like in the country you were born?  How did you survive the war?  How and why did you choose to come to Canada?"  Looking at my grandson, I could sense his curiosity about my life experience.  Then, I decided to tell him my story."

"My story must have made a good impression on my grandson, because he not only listened to my story, but, before too long, he had told other members of the family what had happened in my life.  They insisted that I write my autobiography so that future generations will read and learn from the unique life experience of one of the members of their family.  So I began to write the events I could recall."

"It is my hope that those reading my story be encouraged to stand firm facing spiritual, emotional, or physical difficulties in their life.  That they may turn to the loving and merciful God in faith and claim the victory.  That they may find hope in adverse circumstances, a vision of love and purpose, as they commit their life to Jesus Christ and continue their journey under His guidance."

This book will soon be made available on this website.


An article on Dr. Tkachuk's life and book The Universal History of Christianity was written in Ukrainian by Leo Korownyk and was published in The Messenger of Truth, July-September 2001 Issue, Volume LXXV, No. 7-9, pages 56-61.  English translation needed.




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