Almanac of the Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Publishers

"DOROHA PRAWDY"  on the Occasion of the Twentieth Anniversary


by Mykola Brych

Published by "Doroha Prawdy" (Ukrainian)

From Page 12 -13, NATIVE WORD, 1973.


By S. Kutcher, B.A. and A. Osborne, A.I.C.B.

     In 1917 the "Deklaratsiia Prav Narodov Rossii" guaranteed that all national and religious limitations would be abolished in the USSR.  However, since the centralizationalist, russification policies initiated by Stalin in 1923, not only has this principle been ignored, but in fact reversed.  Religious persecution is an evident ideological and political feature of Soviet State.

     A state which is ideologically committed to Marxism-Leninism can not admit to any presence of another thinking, especially when that ideology negates many of the fundamental and theoretical state constructs.  Though the goal of individual betterment seems paradoxically to lie within both the existing Soviet and general Christian doctrines, the Kremlin today, or at any time in the past for that matter, can not admit to any allegiance outside itself, whether that allegiance be ideological or political.  As a result the publication of religious literature continues to be forbidden and religious worship suppressed in the Soviet Union.

     Ukraine has suffered greatly in this Soviet policy.  Ukrainian nationalistic cultural expression has been stifled.  Art, music, and literature is censored to conform to Russian culture.  This has resulted in the Soviet attempt to politically deny the existence of a separate, viable Ukrainian nation.

     The advocation of such a policy of national genocide is condoned by the Soviets on the grounds that nationalistic cultural expression will lead to demands for independent political status.  A feature of this Soviet suppression is manifest especially in the total repression of religious material in the Ukrainian tongue.

     Since this type of publication is forbidden within the Soviet Union and since religious works wean essential ingredients of almost every cultural heritage a group of concerned people have attempted to publish, here in Canada, material which is an expression of Christian convictions of Evangelical faith.  It is reported that among the Slavic nations in the world there are approximately 3,000,000 Ukrainian Evangelical believers scattered throughout the globe and it is conservatively estimated that in the Soviet Union seventy-five per-cent of the Evangelical believers are of the Ukrainian nationality.

     The publication "Doroha Prawdy", literally translated "The Way of Truth" was established in 1953 by poet and writer M. Podworniak, Rev. J Barchuk and Rev. Z.Rechun-Panko, as an independent non-profit organization and presently is associated with the All-Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Fellowship in the Free World.  It was founded in an attempt to express, albeit in a modest fashion, the Evangelical Christian beliefs.  Works, published by this organization are distributed to a limited reading public primarily throughout the free countries of the Western World.  Its contributors and authors do not realize any renumeration whatsoever and give of their talents, energies and material resources freely in an effort to promulgate and keep alive in the Ukrainian tongue, Evangelical Christian theology, Biblical instruction, poetry, novels and sacred music.

     Since it's birth "Doroha Prawdy" has published 50 works of Christian literature including song books of original music.  While in Western Anglo Saxon circles this may be termed as an insignificant accomplishment, for the Ukrainian it is a mile-stone in the publication of Christian Evangelical literature, when one considers that in 1945 such literature was almost non existent.  It must be also stated that each publication is supported by free will gifts and offerings of a handful of Evangelical Christians in North America most of whom represent modest material means.

     In recognition of its 20th Anniversary, this Almanac on "Doroha Prawdy" reviews its past history, its accomplishments providing biographical outlines of its authors and contributors as well as those who lent their resources for its financial support, as a record for the future.

     It is worthwhile to look to the past for assurance that by the grace and will of Almighty God His purpose in man to the Ukrainian people has not been arrested and that the truth and Christian faith continue to be ministered and with this background to look to the future with renewed faith and vitality to spread the Gospel through the written word.  Notwithstanding the current Soviet suppressive policy towards Christian expression through the written word it is our strong belief that the day will come when the works published by "Doroha Prawdy" will be read widely in the Ukraine.

     S. Kutcher, B.A.

     A. Osborne, A.I.C.B. 

[Another Ukrainian book which I would like to see translated into English. 123 pages with 32 pictures. Includes detailed statistics of every book published and financial records and contributions which made this work possible.  Biographies on ten authors, five translators, and several faithful major supporters of this work. Includes important detailed history of actual works published by each author, by title and date published.  Thank you Dr. Mykola Brych for writing this book in 1973, so that we truly indeed, could have a record of this incredible publishing work, for future generations.] 




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