John P. Kohoot  (1916 -  February 24,1973)

John P. Kohoot was Walter Kohut's father. Although Peter never met Walter's father, while reading this booklet many years ago in his teenage years (1970s), this booklet made several impressions on Peter's life:

  • Peter never forgot how short a person's life can be. Walter's father passed away at the age of 56.
  • He realized one man can make an enormous difference in the spiritual direction (getting on the narrow road) of one's own family and one's town (Roseau River). 
  • How important it is to leave behind a spiritual legacy (one's spiritual story), such as this booklet, encouraging others to start traveling on the narrow road.

Peter thanks God for Walter Kohut's encouragement, spiritual mentoring and friendship since he came to Toronto in 1969/1970 and for the many years they traveled together with the Living Hope Singers from 1978-1985. In 1986, when Peter started attending Winnipeg Bible College, he was asked to be the Student Pastor at Roseau River Baptist Church, from 1986-1987, and looks back at that time as one of incredible joy, as he was able to be a part of the spiritual legacy that John P. Kohoot started in Roseau River in 1953.  

Introduction to "ON THE NARROW ROAD " below.   

"On The Narrow Road" is my autobiography.  In it you will read about how I was able to get on the narrow road.  The purpose for writing my story is not only as a token in my memory, but also my last resort to direct you to help, if you are not traveling on the narrow road.

In writing my story I am aware of my limitation in the literary field.  As a "jack-of-all-trades", you will see that I didn't do too much "plowing" in the literary field.

A special thanks to my son Walter, for chronologically putting my writings together, and also his wife Stefania who has given of her time unselfishly to type and correct the manuscript.


Entire booklet (23 pages) will be input in 2011. 

From pages 21-22 ...Dear reader, are you seeking the Gateway to Life?  or are you following the crowd on the broad highway?.... I thank my God that by His grace I can say, "I'M ON THE NARROW ROAD"... The Bible nowhere teaches that a person can travel on the "boulevard."  Either you're ON the narrow road that leads to heaven, or you're ON the broad highway that leads to hell.  Which road are you on? 

If you feel that the Holy Spirit is speaking to you today and telling you to take the "EXIT" and get off the broad highway, why don't you do it now?  You may never find another EXIT as long as you live.  On the narrow road you may not have as many friends as the devil's crowd has on the wide road, but you will have Jesus in whom is Joy evermore.  Have you tried Jesus?

These past twenty years that I travelled on the narrow road were the most joyful and most happy for me.  The narrow road is not an easy road, but the devil is busy with the help of his children, trying to smash this road up.  With the Holy Spirit guiding you, you will make it over the smashed-up parts and one day arrive at your new home forever to be with the Lord.  Remember, the road to heaven is never overcrowded.

I wrote this story with undying love for you all.  - John P. Kohoot


As of December 1972, that is how John P. Kohoot ended his autobiography.  Walter Kohut continued his father's story.

It was early in the middle of January, 1973 that dad was called into the hospital.  Here a person who had donated his kidneys for transplanting was travelling the final miles to his eternal home...Dad received one of those kidneys.

A kidney transplant at the age of 56 made dad one of the eldest such recipients in Canada.  The adaptation of this kidney to dad's body was quite favourable.  For after several days, dad was back up and witnessing about his Lord to his fellow-patients.  He no longer had to visit the dialysis department to get his blood cleansed, for the new kidney was doing its job well.

On the first week-end of March (1973), dad was to be allowed to go home from the hospital.  Mom had all the rooms thoroughly cleaned and even repainted, for her darling husband would soon be coming home.  The Lord had different plans for dad.  One week-end earlier, He called dad to His home for a week-end that will last forever and ever.

Early Saturday morning, February 24, 1973, dad passed away.  His absence from the body came quite as a shock to the little town of Roseau River, for the people were all expecting dad to be home the following week-end.  Mom who would visit dad every other day was all dressed up and waiting for the bus to take her to Winnipeg, when the phone rang.  Over the phone a nurse told mom that her dear husband had passed away.

The funeral service for John P. Kohoot who passed away at the age of 56, was held on February 27, 1973.  The little Roseau River Baptist Church where so many times before, dad had conducted the worship service, was now filled to capacity. Officiating at this service was the pastor of the Roseau River Baptist Church, Pastor John Tkachuk.  Also, a message was delivered by the pastor of the Winnipeg Church, Pastor Daniel Zyla.  Burial took place at the Roseau River Cemetery.


In April 2000, John P. Kohoot's wife, Mary, wrote her story at the age of seventy-eight. [See MARY KOHOOT SLUSARCHUK]  "I'm sorry I didn't write my story when I was younger.  I hope it will be a blessing to you who read it and that it will encourage you to live for the Lord.  My greatest desire is that some who will read it will accept the Lord as their own Saviour." 

Mary attended the 50th Anniversary of Roseau River Baptist Church on May 4th, 2003, and two weeks later, on May 19th, 2003, she went to be with her Lord and Saviour.




Article on John Kohoot's life,[in Ukrainian]  in the Christian Herald, Year XXXI, No. 3-4, page 17-18, needs translation into English.



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